City Council Wants More Time to Discuss CDBG Funds

WSPD Local News

(Toledo, OH)  After the threat of a veto, Toledo city council members want more time to discuss HUD grants. 

City Council Members to Propose More CDBG Spending

Council members Yvonne Harper, Gary Johnson, Nick Komives, and Tyrone Riley introduced an ordinance on Tuesday asking for $245,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding to be split among four organizations. 

Council member Tom Waniewski said he wants to see the issue discussed further citing a lack of knowledge on how funds can be disbursed. 

Mayor Set to Veto Spending Surplus Funds

Riley said however, how the city spends the funds is up to the council, and they don't need approval from the Mayor. 

The city is currently sitting on about 3.6 million in unspent funds from years past.

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