About Us

Wright Financial Group, LLC is a full-serviced financial firm dedicated to helping individuals and families meet their immediate and long term financial goals and objectives. We teach clients how to enjoy reliable portfolio growth and security through conservative investment options. We also encourage our clients to make smart, sound choices with their personal fixed income portfolios. At Wright Financial Group, we educate our clientele on making strategic retirement planning decisions and utilizing the essentials of wealth management tools. As a financial advisory firm, we carry with us a fiduciary responsibility to all of our clients, to always act and serve with their best interest in mind.

Our Story

Wright Financial Group, LLC was founded by David Wright, CLU, ChFC. David has gained a strong name for himself and his company throughout Toledo and surrounding cities, not just as a financial advisor, but as a trustworthy and respectable member of his community.

With over 30 years as a financial advisor, David’s knowledge and experience have helped many individuals and families reach sound and reliable futures for themselves and their loved ones.

Those individuals who have had their assets in the fixed income sector have been provided with broad market returns for some time now.

At Wright Financial Group, a team of professionals work together in providing exceptional care, customer service and due diligence to all of our clients. We know that not everyone’s financial situation is the same; therefore, we provide tailor-made, personalized financial portfolios, designed for each and every individual we meet.

Why Us

As an independent, privately owned firm, Wright Financial Group, LLC focuses on establishing trustworthy relationships with all of our clients. We focus on getting to know the individual first. The best and most effective partnerships happen when trust and communication are met. That is when we will collectively build a strategy designed to help you and your loved ones achieve your future retirement goals.

At Wright Financial Group, we have a very unique advantage over other financial firms and it starts with our philosophy on generating income and investment strategies. We are committed to helping you feel confident and secure about your financial future, which means focusing on investment options that will provide an increase in protection and security for your financial portfolio.

With the current market being so full of uncertainty, preserving your financial portfolio has become increasingly more important and for good reason. During the 2008 market crash, thousands of people’s portfolios were crippled or lost entirely.

Using a more proactive approach, we help develop a plan that will attempt to offset and protect from potential future market crashes as well as generating income at the same time.