Downtown Jail and Loan Forgiveness on City Agenda

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(Toledo, OH)  City Council Approves Jail Ballot Issue. 

Toledo City Council is doing its part to see that voters decide where a new Lucas County Jail will be built.

Keep Jail Downtown, Lake Erie Bill Of Rights Denied For November Ballot 

Council members voted last night to back a city charter change that would force construction of a new jail downtown.  

The issue was rejected by both the Lucas County Board of Elections and the Ohio Supreme Court for next month's election, but could appear on a special ballot. 

Ohio Supreme Court Stops Downtown Jail on Ballot

The Ohio Supreme Court last week declined to force the board to place the measure on the ballot. 

It ruled that without a city council ordinance, the board did not have authority to do so.

In other council business, council has rejected another proposal from the Uptown Arts Apartments on Tuesday. 

Uptown Apartments Owner Offers City New Proposal

Uptown Arts Arts developer Bruce Douglas offered to repay the city $300,000 in exhange for forgiveness on the $500,000 loan. 

The latest offer is up from a $175,000 repayment offered just last month. 

City Considers Forgiving Loan for Apartments

The original offer would have netted the city only $10.

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