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4 ways Biden made things WORSE while trying to defend his mental agility

Special counsel Robert Hur has released a report that has many questioning President Biden’s mental state. While the report didn’t recommend filing charges against Biden for mishandling classified documents, one of the reasons for that decision was that Biden is allegedly losing his memory. Biden of course strongly denied this … and then proceeded to forget where his son Beau got a rosary and mix up the presidents of Egypt and Mexico. Filling in for Glenn, Pat and Jeffy review all the ways Biden made things worse during his press conference, from throwing his staff under the bus to getting angry out of nowhere.

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PAT: All right. We were sharing some brilliance from Joe Biden. He's very upset, at what the report had to say, about his mental competence.

JEFFY: Special Counsel Robert Hur, released that Justice Department report that found he was -- well, that he was -- well, that he willfully retained classified materials, correct. As a private citizen.

But he forgets --

PAT: He's basically unfit for trial.

JEFFY: The memory. There's just not enough -- there's no point.

PAT: And apparently, you have to be a lot sharper for trial, than you do to be president of the United States of America. I guess that's the deal?

JEFFY: I guess so. I mean, he wasn't there to prove his fitness to be president.

PAT: No. That's right. That's right. And one of the things he couldn't come up with, is where Beau got his rosary. And he was trying to say it stopped --

JEFFY: You know, when they first asked, it wasn't any of their damn business. Well, you know what, you make it our business, by constantly bringing up Beau.

That's why I thought Hunter's book should be titled, I'm Not Beau.

PAT: That would have been great. That would have been great.

I would have had a little bit of respect for him, but he didn't.

But he -- not only does he bring Beau up all the time.

He tries to make it out with Gold Star families, as if Beau died in Iraq.

And he will say anything and do anything to get it.

And it's pathetic, and it's despicable.

But here he was, talking about the classified documents.

BIDEN: Classified information.

I did not share it. I did not. Guarantee, I did not.

PAT: They said you did.

BIDEN: No. I did not say that.

PAT: Yeah, they did.

BIDEN: Let me answer your question.

The fact of the matter is, what I didn't want repeated. I didn't want him -- I didn't read it to you. I had written a long memorandum, to President Obama, why we should not be in -- in Afghanistan.

And I was -- it was multiple pages. So what I was referring to. I said, classified. I should have said, it should be private. Because it was a contact between a president and a vice president.

PAT: Wait. You don't -- pause it for a second. You don't know the difference between classified and private.


That's a problem too. Right there.

If you can't -- if you said classified, then that means classified.

JEFFY: It sure does.

PAT: When you're hearing that from the president of the United States.

JEFFY: Plus, he couldn't remember when he was vice president. So I'm not sure if he remembers this --

PAT: Exactly. Let's hear the rest of this.

BIDEN: It was not classified information in that document.

PAT: Okay. Man, does he get angry at the drop of a hat.

He's just completely -- he can't compose himself anymore.

JEFFY: It's almost as if that's a symptom of something.

PAT: Almost. Almost.

JEFFY: I don't know what it is. I'm not a doctor.

PAT: No. You're not. No, you're not. So maybe you better shut up. Maybe you just better shut up right now.

JEFFY: Okay.

PAT: I -- I don't know. It's -- it's -- it's stunning to me.

JEFFY: It is.

PAT: Where we find ourselves in 2024.

It's absolutely stunning to me.

But as he talks about the classified documents, later on in this, he blames his staff for the documents.

This is cut 20. Twenty-three.

JEFFY: Takes full responsibility.

PAT: Sure he does.

Here he is, doing just that.

VOICE: Do you take responsibility, for at least being careless with classified material?

BIDEN: I take responsibility for not having seen exactly what my staff was doing.

Because --

PAT: Unreal.

JEFFY: That's awesome.

BIDEN: Things that were --

PAT: Appeared in his the garage. Uh-huh.

BIDEN: From my staff.

PAT: Wow. He just threw his staff under the bus.

JEFFY: All of them. I take full responsibility for not overseeing the do people enough.

PAT: Wow. Okay. So your staff just decided, hey, you know where would be a really good place for these classified documents?

Joe Biden's garage.

Right next to his Corvette.

JEFFY: Just stack it behind the vet.

PAT: This is a place for them.

JEFFY: The closet at the university is full.

So put it next to the garage. That's fine.

PAT: Put it in the garage. Put them by the Corvette.

JEFFY: He's not even looking. He won't even know.

PAT: That's incredible. Incredible.

Again, he's never taken responsibility. He's never been accountable for anything he's ever done. Anything.

And he's not called on it, by the media.

Somebody just asked him. Do you feel -- are you accountable for any of this?

No. He just said no.

I'm not.

My staff did that. Should I have watched them better?

Yeah. Because they're incompetent fools. But it's their fault.

Are you serious?


This guy is the worst.

He is the absolute worst. He was also asked why -- why he should run, rather than somebody else.

He just -- well, you'll hear it in the question here.

VOICE: Mr. President, for months, when you were asked about your age, you would respond with, watch me. Many American people have been watching, and they have expressed concerns about your age --

VOICE: That is your judgment. That is your judgment. That is not the judgment of the press.

PAT: She is the press. So...

VOICE: Mr. President, in December, you told me that you believe that there are many other Democrats who could defeat Donald Trump. So why does it have to be you now? What is your answer to that?

BIDEN: Because I'm the most qualified person in this country for President of the United States, and finish the job I started.

PAT: Well, we're really in trouble. If he's the most qualified person.

JEFFY: Yes. And I don't want him to finish the job he started.

PAT: Because we're done, as a nation. We're done. Yeah. Absolutely.

Wow, it sounds like he's fighting for this job. It doesn't sound like he's going to step down at all. Will they force him to, somehow?

I don't know. Maybe. Maybe. But he's just been cleared of the classified document thing. Maybe they make a deal with him, on the Ukraine stuff.

And the China stuff. And the payouts he got.

And habe. Maybe they make a deal with him, on Hunter?

Where they threatened him. You know, we'll go after this.

Or you can step down.

JEFFY: Everything goes away. It just goes away.

PAT: That's possible, I guess.

JEFFY: We forget go. Forget about your corruption.

We pretend that never happened.

PAT: We'll ignore it, if you move on.

JEFFY: But if you go back to Delaware. And start opening your mouth.

PAT: Then all bets are off.

JEFFY: Shut this down.

PAT: But right now, it sure doesn't sound like he's preparing to step down.

JEFFY: No. It doesn't. This is after the report. He's out there now, trying to prove that he's not what the report says.

PAT: And he's doing the opposite.

JEFFY: Correct. Which is the problem.


That's the only way to do this, is for him to go out and do a no malarkey tour around the country with this stupid no malarkey bus again, and prove he's okay.

And that can't happen. Because he's not up for it.

PAT: No. He's not capable.

He really is not.

I don't know if the medication has worn-out.

Maybe it's not effective anymore.

Or maybe he's just degraded to the point where he's not capable of putting two sentences together.

I don't know.

I don't know. But he's -- he's in bad shape.

JEFFY: I mean, I watched. We will talk about it here in a little while.

Vladimir Putin interview with Tucker Carlson.

And set aside all the stuff that we will talk about with what Putin said in the interview.

I -- the first thing I noticed was that there's no way, no way. He can't even do a three-minute pre-Super Bowl interview.

PAT: No. Right.

JEFFY: There's no way that Joe Biden is sitting down with Tucker Carlson with anyone, and being asked questions for two and a half hours.

No way.

PAT: Can't happen. Uh-uh. No. He couldn't do the softball Super Bowl.

Which I didn't want him to do anyway.

JEFFY: That's not my point.

PAT: Yeah. I think. I know.

But he was asked about his memory.

And here's what happened there.

VOICE: President Biden, something special counsel said in his report is that one of the reasons you were not charged is because in his description, you are a well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.

PAT: Oh, man.

BIDEN: I'm well-meaning. And I'm an elderly man. And I know what I'm doing. I put this country's back on its feet.

VOICE: How bad is your memory? And can you continue as president?

BIDEN: My memory is so bad, I let you speak.

JEFFY: What a jerk.

VOICE: Do you believe your memory has gotten --

PAT: Wow. What an angry, old man he is. That's just terrible. Terrible.

And he thought he was going to get laughed there. They didn't think it was funny. I mean, there might have been one person that went, a little nervous laughter there. That was not appreciated by the press. They're not messing around in this press conference.

They're not messing around with it. Because I think they understand, this is serious.

You're talking about the president of the United States United States, the leader of the free world. The commander-in-chief of our armed forces.

This isn't funny anymore.

JEFFY: No, it is not.

PAT: And it never was. We laughed along with you, for a while. Now we see that can't happen anymore.

No. We didn't. We were -- we were just upset about it from the beginning. From the beginning.

JEFFY: Asking how people couldn't see it. Made aware of it. It's right there in front of you. Incredible.

PAT: The other thing he did last night was confuse Egypt with Mexico. This is good stuff. This is good stuff.

JEFFY: Well, nobody can read a map anymore.

PAT: That's true.

JEFFY: You know, initially, the president of Mexico. CC did not want to open up the gate.

PAT: Wait. Wait. Who? I'm sorry. CC?

BIDEN: I talked to them. I convinced him to open the gate.

PAT: Of Mexico.

BIDEN: Open the gate on the Israeli side --

PAT: Wait. Okay. We're opening gates with CC in Mexico, and then we were opening gates with Netanyahu in Israel? I'm sorry.

JEFFY: In my home, I have a couple of globes. And on those globes, is a map of the earth.

And it shows, you know, the oceans and the continents.

PAT: Yeah. Yeah.

BIDEN: I don't have one yet, that shows Mexico next to Israel.

PAT: Oh, you have the old one, where Mexico is like thousands and thousands of miles away. From Israel. And the Gaza Strip.

JEFFY: I will update my globes.

PAT: I don't know. Where do you go with that? Where do you go with it?

JEFFY: I don't know.

PAT: From that, all the stuff, Helmut Kohl. He recently talked to Helmut Kohl, who has been dead since 2017.

Who hasn't been president or chancellor of Germany since 1998. And Francois Mitterrand of France, who has been dead since 1996. And he talked to both those guys right after he became president.

JEFFY: Right. I mean, even KJP when asked about Mitterrand.

PAT: Right. Because there's no way to -- and make it look like it's okay.

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