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‘Unforgivable’: Stu blasts Catholic Church’s handling of sex abuse allegations

The Catholic Church is embroiled in another sexual abuse scandal, and this time the allegations go all the way to the top. The Vatican's former U.S. ambassador, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, accused Pope Francis of covering up sexual abuse allegations against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick who resigned in June after allegations of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct surfaced.

Get the details of this bombshell report here.

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Filling in for Glenn Beck this week, Stu Burguiere opened Monday's show by noting the recent grand jury investigation in Pennsylvania, which released a report Aug. 14 detailing decades of alleged sexual abuse by 300 priests of more than 1,000 victims. It also reveals decades of alleged cover-ups by Roman Catholic dioceses.

Stu said the coverage of the Catholic Church scandal has "in some ways … been too generous," explaining that the number reported of children abused is "almost definitely too low" because only 54 of Pennsylvania's 67 counties were included in the grand jury report.

"And that's not all," he added. "We believe that the real number of children whose records were lost or were afraid to come forward was in the thousands."

Stu went on to take a closer look at the history of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church and how the allegations have been handled over the decades.

"For a long time the Catholic Church has been populated by … clergymen who were sexually assaulting children. It's been far too widespread, and the way the Church handled the allegations was a gigantic dumpster fire," Stu said. "What these people went through is as close to unforgivable as Christianity allows."

Watch the clip below to learn more.

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