Toledo Company Creates Temp Detection Camera

Joe Perkins, VP of technology, from Laibe Electric/Technology talked with Fred about the new technology Laibe has created to help businesses deal with restrictions caused by the Coronavirus. The new temperature detection camera not only can detect the temperature of multiple employees as they enter your workplace it can also be used as a clock in-clock out device.

. With the requirement to monitor people’s temperatures for safe work environments, Laibe has \sourced excellent temperature reading cameras. These can be installed with a quick turn around to support any environment where people are working and customers are visiting.

Using a video camera, rather than a temperature gun or thermometer, removes anyone from being on the front line of exposure. The temperatures are monitored from a computer screen with a visual alert option in case of fever. Another advantage of using a camera is that up to 16 temperatures can be taken at once, reducing the bottleneck issues caused when temperatures are manually taken one at a time.

Listen to the interview below or click on this link for the Laibe website LAIBE ELECTRIC/TECHNOLOGY

Temp Detection Cam

Temp Detection Cam