Why Was GOT So Dark? Tuesday 60 Minute Poll

Season 8 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones certainly lived up to most people's expectations even if it was a little dark. Fans waiting for an epic battle got just that and more this past Sunday night but some managed to still find something to complain about. This time it was the darkness of the episode itself that had fans on Twitter asking why. Even Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the controversy suggesting that you should watch the show in a completely blacked out room like the one he has.

Theories abound as to why the show was as dark as it was. One is that producers were trying to hide the tricks they used to make the battle scenes look so huge. Another theory is that show runners wanted the confusion of war to be felt by the show's fans. The scenes were shot over the course of 55 days in Winter, in Ireland so that may have contributed to the darkness.

I think it was because the producers were going for realism. There was no electricity so lighting the scenes would have given the battles an unreal look while allowing fans to see if their favorite character dies or not.

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