Heather Buford local author "Healing in the Woods"

Shattered by her first break up, Anne-Marie emerges from her week long isolation. Unable to pick up the pieces of her old life, she is determined to move forward as she heads toward the unknown. She seeks refuge in the nearby woods but, drifting from one memory to the next, she becomes lost in the forest.

Surprised by a large wolf, she is guided to a small cottage and greeted by a kind looking old woman. They soon find they both have invisible wounds they could help each other heal as student and mentor. The older woman soon begins to teach Annie about the use of herbs, how to work with animals and many other aspects of the old ways.

When Annie is sent into town for supplies, and several times thereafter, she must confront her ex-boyfriend, Clark, and other members of his family who have bullied their town for generations. Armed with her new found self-reliance, she is able to confront them with ever increasing confidence and helps Clark’s latest victim, her brother Drew, do the same.

As Drew slowly overcomes his fear of the woods, he and Annie continue to learn from the wise old woman and her sister. They also begin to learn about their family’s past and how it has been connected to Clark’s family for generations.

After Annie and Drew are able to stand up to Clark, an even more dangerous threat from their past shows up and threatens not only their new found confidence but that of their parents as well. With the greater good at steak, Annie & Drew are forced to uncover the origin of their abilities, generations of tradition and other family secrets.

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