Dealing with depression and suicide during the holidays

Not everyone is celebrating the holidays the same way you might be enjoying them. Many deal deal with depression, SAD, and thoughts of suicide at this time of year.

Fred spoke with Jen Wakefield of Lucas County Suicide Prevention Coalition and then Earlean "Queen Cookie" Mack Belcher about the holidays and how people who have dealt with suicide get through them. Both conversations are included.

There are a number of resources in the Northwest Ohio area if you, or someone you know, is dealing with depression, SAD, or thoughts of suicide. Here are a few:

Lucas County Suicide Prevention Coalition you can also text 741741 to reach a counselor

ZEPF Center

Humanizing The Badge


Earlean has produced a documentary on the loss of her grandson "A Cry For Help:The Ajane Burt Story"

If you need help please seek out friends or professionals. If you know someone you believe needs help please be there for them.

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