Should you get a diploma if you break dress code-Monday 60 Minute Poll

Ever Lopez decided it was more important for him to wear a flag over his cap and gown than to receive his diploma at his recent high school graduation in Asheboro, NC. Lopez draped the flag over his gown and went to accept his diploma but was instead only handed the diploma holder. The school told him on stage that he would not get his diploma because wearing the flag was a dress code violation.

"The heart of the issue is the fact that the student did not follow the established dress code for the event and detracted from the importance and the solemnity of the ceremony," officials said in one of two statements. "Our dress code is in place to ensure the dignity of the event is upheld and is fair to all students."

The school did allow decorations on the mortar boards which some students did take advantage of with messages of their own.

The school is working with the family to make sure Lopez does get his actual diploma at some point.

Should he have been given it even though he broke dress code? MONDAY 60 MINUTE POLL


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