Should Liz Cheney Step Down - Thursday 60 Minute Poll

Republicans are upset with Liz Cheney over her continued remarks against former President Donald Trump and think she should be removed from positions of power. Cheney wrote an op-ed urging the party to "steer away" from the "Trump cult of personality". She faces being ousted from her leadership position and possibly losing her next election without an support from her own party. Cheney wrote this in her op-ed In public statements again this week, former president Donald Trump has repeated his claims that the 2020 election was a fraud and was stolen. His message: I am still the rightful president, and President Biden is illegitimate. Trump repeats these words now with full knowledge that exactly this type of language provoked violence on Jan. 6.

Should Cheney step down from her leadership position or is she a real Republican in the mold of Reagan?


House Republican Leadership Speak To The Media

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