Are Robocalls Free Speech? - Wednesday 60 Minute Poll

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press- "A Detroit judge declined to dismiss felony charges against two right-wing political provocateurs on Tuesday, instead appearing to agree with prosecutors that comments included in a robocall could be seen as menacing and deter someone from voting. " Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman were charged with multiple felonies for calls they made to African-American voters trying to dissuade them from voting in the 2020 election. Callers heard a message that threatened caller's information would be used to collect debts, serve warrants and forcibly administer vaccines. 

The defendant's lawyer said the charges are akin to "cancel culture". "This sets beyond a dangerous precedent, that if you’re going to punish a message like this in a robocall, it’s certainly disconcerting. If not, maybe we should all move to Russia and Syria,"

Should threatening robocalls be considered free speech? WEDNESDAY 60 MINUTE POLL

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