Schools get abbreviated report cards

Dr. Romules Durant of TPS and other superintendents across the state got their annual report cards yesterday and as expected they were Covid related. Because of the early close of school due to the coronavirus there is no information on standardized tests, no overall letter grade for schools or districts, and no real hard data to compare year to year improvements. Much of the data parents look at when it comes to their district is included in the standardized test ratings which this year are missing because state legislators passed a bill waiving standardized testing requirements and the state report-card ratings that are based on them.

In releasing the abbreviated report Governor DeWine said “I think people need to know where their kids are.” “As far as rating schools, ranking schools, and doing things like that and other ramifications, I'm not sure that's really that important.” This year that means the report only cites statistics including four-year and five-year high school graduation rates and assessments of students’ preparedness.

The graduation rate was reported though and looks like this for local districts

  • TPS graduated 74.5 percent in four years and 82.6 percent in five.
  • Ottawa Hills schools graduated 97.6 percent in four years and 100 percent in five.
  • Sylvania schools graduated 95.4 percent in four years and 96.8 percent in five.
  • Perrysburg schools graduated 97.7 percent in four years and 95.3 percent in five.
  • Washington Local Schools graduated 89.7 percent in four years and 90.8 percent in five.
  • Maumee schools graduated 98.9 percent in four years and 97 percent in five.

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