DeWine- "Let There Be Sports"

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine declares sports can be played on a high school level this year. Tuesday Gov. Mike DeWine announced restrictions were lifted on three contact sports athletes and parents have been wondering about since last month. The final decision to play ultimately is left to parents, school district leaders and local health departments but the DeWine okay has been in the offing for some time. The OHSAA had already announced go ahead plans even with some school districts suspending or canceling fall sports. Teams having been practicing all summer.

“Our order will provide that all sports may go forward, and we will lay out a road map to make it as safe as possible,” DeWine said Tuesday.

“My hope is to have a season that will inspire our young people to conduct themselves in a way 24/7 to be as careful as possible. I also hope and trust that coaches use this as an opportunity to do everything they can to keep COVID out of the team.”

There are some restrictions however. Parents, family members , marching bands and cheerleaders, will be allowed to attend contests. Schools will be allowed to make those determinations though on a case by case basis.

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