Tuesday Evening Covid 19 Update

From Washington D.C. - The White House task force now predicts 100,000 to 240,000 deaths from the virus, with mitigation. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci “Whenever you’re having an effect, it’s not time to take your foot off the accelerator, and on the brake, but to just press it down on the accelerator,” without mitigation, social distancing, and other measures the numbers could go higher.

New York recorded 332 new deaths Monday for a total of 1,550

Italy reported 837 new deaths Tuesday, raising its toll to 12,428

President Trump warned of “a very, very painful two weeks” “It’s a matter of life and death, frankly,” he said, officially calling for another month of social distancing and offering a sober assessment of the pandemic’s impact in the United States. “It’s a matter of life and death.”

From Columbus, OH - Governor DeWine's office sent an e-mail Tuesday to some state employees warning that they will continue to work remotely at home until at least May 1. This would extend his original deadline by a number of weeks.

Health officials also reported 266 more confirmed cases of the virus, which now has spread to 71 of Ohio’s 88 counties, for a total of 2,199. That’s in the three weeks since the respiratory disease first appeared in Ohio on March 9. “We can’t let this monster come up. We have to keep pushing it down,” DeWine said. “It has to be the kind of response you have in wartime because we have been invaded -- literally.”

In other developments Dr Acton issued an order requiring health-care facilities and other entities report inventories of ventilators for potential redistribution to areas hit hardest hit by coronavirus

The state also is asking retailers and distributors to report numbers on other equipment, such as CPAP machines for sleep apnea, that could be converted into breathing-assistance machines.

The state and medical officials also are ordering more ventilators amid an estimate that only 30% of those that may be needed are on hand.

Toledo, Lucas County - Toledo will get nearly $7 million in housing and economic development grants in Congress’s $2.2 trillion stimulus package. Lucas County Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski says "I think in Lucas County we're at the bottom third of that curve coming up. But again, I think the reason why we are is because of the things that we're doing in this community. That social distancing, the hand washing, staying at home if you're sick.

Dr Zgodzinski also announced a joint effort with UT to develop a self reporting tool. The tool will be a self-reported survey in which Lucas County residents will fill out a form with information about who they are and contact information. Then residents will be linked to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website where they will be asked if they have symptoms and the answers are reported back to the health department.

Here's a link Toledo Lucas County Health Department

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