Sunday Night Coronavirus Update 9p-Governor Press Conference Included

A very busy day regarding the Coronavirus health scare. Both the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department and Governor DeWine held press conferences which you'll find below. Closer to home Maumee Mayor Richard Carr released his city's program for some of the problems.

Regarding schools being closed-We are working very closely with our Maumee City Schools and Maumee Churches United to assist those whom work outside of their home and have children in the Maumee Schools, and to assist our senior residents as well as those whose activities are restricted due to health conditions. Multiple Maumee churches will be providing care for children, limited in number for health reasons. This will begin on Tuesday. If you need this assistance, please call the Maumee City Schools tomorrow between 8 am and 4 pm at 419-720- 3285. Children in the same household will be kept together. The schools will provide directions as to which church they are assigned. Because each church is being restricted to a small group of children, please do not just go to a church— use the church assigned by the schools . Volunteers who want to assist with food delivery, errands etc. , please also call 419-720-3285 tomorrow between 8 and 4. Your name and phone number will be provided to the Maumee Police Division. Background checks will be done on all volunteers, both for the churches and those assisting in delivery.

Statewide there is a scheduled state primary for Tuesday. Secretary of State Frank LaRose has taken steps which may seem humorous but could just work. LaRose, in conjunction with local elections board officials, has implemented several safety measures to mitigate risks to voters and poll workers at election sites around the state. Who knew the lowly Q-Tip could be one of our best allies in the fight to prevent the spread of the disease? Tens of thousands of the swabs will be available for voters to use as a disposable stylus on the touchscreen voting devices.

Below you'll find both videos from Lucas County and Governor DeWine.

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