Pair convicted of murdering three year old on Thanksgiving 2018

The family of three year old murder victim Malachi Barnes received some measure of justice today when the two men accused of his murder on Thanksgiving night 2018 wer found guilty on all counts. K'veon Giles and Matthew Smith were charged with murder and both were found guilty on count 1, which was aggravated murder and on count 2, which was murder. Both men were also found guilty on counts 3, 4, 5, and 6 which were felonious assault charges.

Giles and Smith did not take the stand in their defense and both now face possible life in prison according to sentencing guidelines. A co-defendant Andre White also was charged in the case and pleaded guilty to lesser charges of complicity to involuntary manslaughter and complicity to felonious assault in exchange for his testimony. White is expected to be sentenced this week.

Sentencing for Giles and Smith will occur later this month in the courtroom of Judge Cook.

Giles and Smith

Photo courtesy WTOL- Toledo 11 News

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