Should TPS Move Football To Afternoon Games - Monday 60 Minute Poll

Another incident has cancelled a TPS high school football game this time it was gun fire. The stoppage came on Friday during a game between Woodward and Rogers at Woodward HS. Toledo Police report that gun fire was heard just after 9p on the 600 block of E Central and TPD found evidence of shots fired and detained two people. Teams and spectators were moved into the school for safety and released just after 10p according to social media reports. The game was suspended early in the fourth quarter with the teams tied 6-6. Police are investigating and ask anyone with information to call the Crime Stopper program, 419-255-1111.

Unsportsmanlike conduct halted a game earlier this year between Rogers and Scott High Schools. And a gun fire incident was reported earlier this year near Central Catholic HS but not on school grounds.

Is it time to move football games for TPS to afternoon start times, should security be increased, or are these isolated incidents?



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