Gov. DeWine Signs H.B. 6 Into Law

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Governor Mike DeWine has signed a controversial bill into law that will provide subsidies for Ohio's two nuclear power plants.

WTOL 11 reports the bill, which passed a final vote in the Ohio House on Tuesday morning, will give Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station and Perry Nuclear Generating Station near Cleveland $150 million a year for the next seven years to continue operating. That money will come from a new fee on Ohioans' electricity bills. That fee will come to 85 cents a month.

Supporters of the legislation say the new fee will be offset by reducing and eventually phasing out mandates that required electric companies to generate more power from wind and solar.

“We are reducing consumers’ bills, repealing wasteful government mandates and keeping good-paying jobs here in Ohio. This is legislation that makes sense for the ratepayers of Ohio,” Speaker of the House Larry Householder (R-Glenford) said in a statement.

“HB 6 will protect thousands of good paying, union jobs and save consumers money on their monthly utility bills,” said state Rep. Lisa Sobecki (D-Toledo). “Passage of HB 6 tells those hardworking men and women employed at Ohio’s nuclear power plants, including Davis-Besse, they can work hard, get ahead and build a life where they can retire with safety and security. I heard from constituents across my district and cast my vote for them because I work for them. That is my Ohio Promise.”

Opponents have promised to try to overturn the measure through a voter referendum.

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