Harmful Algae Bloom Forecast For Lake Erie This Summer

PUT-IN-BAY, Ohio - Lake Erie could see a significant and harmful algal bloom, according to scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NOAA and the Ohio Sea Grant's Stone Laboratory Thursday released their harmful algal bloom forecast for Lake Erie, predicting a potentially harmful bloom this summer. This year's bloom is expected to measure a 7.5 on the severity scale, which would indicate a significant bloom.

“Communities along Lake Erie rely upon clean, healthy water to support their community’s well-being and economic livelihoods,” said Nicole LeBoeuf, acting director of NOAA’s National Ocean Service. “This forecast provides timely and trusted science-based information to water managers and public health officials so they can better anticipate blooms, mitigate impacts and reduce future outbreaks.”

Researchers don't expect the bloom to start until late July, peaking in the western part of the lake in September. point out that the size of the bloom is not necessarily an indicator of its possible toxicity.

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