Multiple Counties Under Level 3 Snow Emergencies

TOLEDO, Ohio - A number of counties surrounding Toledo have declared Level 3 snow emergencies.

Erie, Hancock, Huron, Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca Counties have all made the Level 3 declaration. 

Under a Level 3, no person except operators of public safety vehicles on duty or otherwise responding to an emergency; and essential news media personnel, including reporters, support, and production employees; health care and other emergency personnel; and essential employees of critical infrastructure facilities, may drive on roads and streets in the county. All others traveling on the roadways might be subject to arrest. All public safety employees must report to work as scheduled. 

Lucas and Putnam Counties are still under Level 2 declarations.

Under a Level 2, road conditions have degraded to the point that only people with a real and important need to be out on the roads and streets should do so. All persons, including news media reporters, support, and production personnel; and all health care and other emergency personnel should contact their employers to determine whether they are to report to work during the snow emergency. All public safety employees must report as scheduled.

Defiance, Futon, Henry, Paulding and Williams Counties are all at Level 1. While road conditions aren't as bad as in the locations above, they are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads are also icy, and authorities advise you to drive very cautiously.

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