Toledo Couple Indicted In Alleged Terror Plot

TOLEDO, Ohio - A Toledo couple is facing charges for their roles in a conspiracy for an attack on a Toledo bar.

Elizabeth Lecron, 23, and Vincent Armstrong, 23, were each indicted Thursday on one count of conspiracy to transport or receive an explosive with intent to kill, injure or intimidate any individual; one count of conspiracy to use firearms during and in relation to a crime of violence and one count of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime or violence. 

“The arrest of Elizabeth Lecron and Vincent Armstrong and their prosecution interrupted their alleged desire to engage in acts of death and destruction,” said Robert E. Hughes, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Cleveland office. “This case is a testament to the value of an ever vigilant public, which had the courage to alert law enforcement as to the alleged goals and intentions of these suspects."

“These arrests should send a sobering message to everyone that there is no city, large or small, that is immune to these types of hate-filled attacks. I am incredibly proud of the response by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Toledo Police Department, and members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. This is yet another example of a well-coordinated, local/federal law enforcement partnership.  Toledo is a safer city because of the dedication of these hardworking law enforcement professionals,” Toledo Police Chief George Kral said. 

Lecron and Armstrong are accused of planning an attack on an "upscale mass murder" at a Toledo bar. If found guilty of the charges, the pair could face up to life in prison. 

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