Chairman of Lucas County Board of Elections Suspended

TOLEDO, Ohio - The chairman of the Lucas County Board of Elections has been suspended by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. 

Dr. Bruce Saferin was suspended Thursday by Secretary Husted. In a letter to Saferin, Husted cited issues in processing absentee ballots as one of the reasons for the suspension. 

"Specifically, the staff struggled to process and mail absentee ballots promptly prior to the November 6, 2018 General Election, found itself with potential ballot shortages resulting from an inaccurate projection of necessary ballot quantities in a federal and statewide election, and lagged significantly in reporting its election results on election night. Struggles like these appear to be a result of staffing recommendations you made as a board member in 2017," Husted wrote. 

He also cited Saferin being seen conferring with former board members Jon Stainbrook and Megan Gallagher on election night as a reason for the suspension, fearing the interaction could lead to a return of previous problems on the Board. 

"However, your recent behavior on election night, conferring with Jon Stainbrook and Megan Gallagher directly outside the entrance to the tabulation room at the Board's early vote center, indicates a troublesome return to the relationships and problems of the past that had long plagued the Board," Husted wrote. 

Dr. Saferin will have a hearing tomorrow afternoon in Columbus to address the suspension. His removal will also be considered at the hearing. 

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