Governor Kasich Signs Sierah's Law

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Governor John Kasich has signed a bill creating a violent offender registry.

WTOL 11 reports the governor signed SB 231, also known as Sierah's Law. The measure is named after Sierah Joughin, who was killed in 2016 by a Delta man with a previous abduction conviction. 

“Sierah’s Law is now part of Sierah Joughin’s incredible legacy. Her life was always about making other lives better. Now, her name can be forever associated with making Ohio lives safer," Ohio Sen. Randy Gardner said. "This was a long legislative journey. We would not have succeeded without the courage, strength and perseverance of Sierah’s mom, Sheila, and her supportive family. I admire them and I am grateful for them.”

Gardner was a primary sponsor of the bill.

The law creates a searchable database for law enforcement. The public can also access the database through their local sheriff's office. 

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