NOAA Gives All Clear on Toxic Algae for 2018

(Toledo, OH)  After the unofficial call made by Toledo last week, a federal agency calls the end of algae season.

Lake Erie Algae Forecast to Be Released

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency has given the region the official thumbs up to signal the end of Lake Erie's 2018 algae season. 

Brewery Turns Lake Erie Water into Green Beer

The NOAA, the actual official agency in charge of making the call, signaled that their last bi-weekly Bloom Bulletin from two weeks ago would be their last. 

NOAA officials say winds last weekend will push the remaining threat eastward and that falling lake temperatures also help minimize the bloom. 

Toledo Starts Algae Bloom Testing in Lake Erie

The city will continue to test and post sampling results on its website.

Photo Credit:  Getty/Mshake

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