Senate Candidate Defends Riding Strip Club Plane

(Cleveland, OH)  Representative US Senate candidate defended flying in a strip-club owner's private plane to a meeting with a group of Ohio faith leaders last week. 

Republican Senate Candidate Uses Strip Club Plane

While deflecting questions about flying with Don Ksiezyk on Ksiezyk 's plane to a Tuesday event in Portsmouth, US Representative Jim Renacci seemed to acknowledge flying in the plane saying that Ksiezyk is a volunteer and that he does not vet campaign volunteers. 

Renacci went on to slam his Democratic opponent, Sherrod Brown over abuse allegations from the 80's that have since been retracted by his ex-wife. 

Brown's ex-wife, a major supporter of the Brown campaign, has denounced Renacci's attacks on the 32-year-old divorce issues.

Photo Credit: Getty/NICHOLAS KAMM

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