Multi-State Water War Continues

(Fayette, OH)  The fight over an aquifer as a suburban source of water continues. 

Fayette officials told the William County Alliance, the group that opposes plans to sell water from the Michindoh Aquifer, they have no interest in passing a resolution opposing the controversial project.

Aquifer Study Causing Uproar in Williams County

The project would tap Pioneer Mayor Ed Kidston's company, Artesian of Pioneer, to drill wells into the aquifer and pump groundwater as far as 60 or more miles away. 

Aquifer Opposition Now Crosses State Lines

Alliance members have been critical of Fayette officials for attending a meeting between Mr. Kidston and Toledo-area suburbs, fearing Fayette is working with him. 

Alliance members were not allowed in that meeting.

Photo credit: Getty/Thanasis Zovoilis

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