City Accepts Pizza Chain's Road Repair Donation

(Toledo, OH)  City accepts pizza chain's road repair donation for a project that's behind schedule.

Pizza Chain Offers City Money For Paving

City Council voted yesterday to accept a ten-thousand-dollar grant from Domino's Pizza. Toledo is one of 50 U.S. cities to receive a Paving for Pizza award. 

Road Construction Season Starting Early

City leaders say it'll be used to help patch up the Anthony Wayne Trail. 

The AW Trail has been under construction since June. Initially expected to be half completed by the end of November, with two lanes open towards downtown, project officials now say that only one lane will be open during the winter months. 

AW Trail Project Running Behind Schedule

Officials site Norfolk Southern's train line as the reason for busting construction milestones.

In other city business Tuesday, council delayed a vote on whether to forgive a $500,000 loan to developer Bruce Douglas’ Adams Street Limited Partnership, to give the Kapszukiewicz administration more time to negotiate a better deal in the eyes of council. 

City Considers Forgiving Loan for Apartments

The council also voted against giving 75-thousand dollars from the city's general fund to Grace Community Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Ohio. 

The non-profits had asked for the money in August but Mayor Kapszukiewicz said he would veto any measure citing budget deficits. 

Budget Battle Looming Between Council, Mayor

Council member Yvonne Harper, one of 5 yes votes for the measure said she will keep trying to get the cash.

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