Drug-Related HazMat Incident to Cost $10,000

(Toledo, OH) More details are emerging about a drug-related hazmat situation last month that sent police officers to the hospital. 

Toledo City Council is being asked to pay more than $10,000 in taxpayer money for emergency decontamination services that day to the Bio Clean Team, which had to be called in from Michigan for emergency duty. 

The situation started when Toledo Police were called to a Rolland Avenue home for a drug overdose. But a TPD officer started to overdose after she took a makeup case from a woman at the scene, put it in a biohazard bag, then started to write a report in her closed police cruiser. That make-up case, according to city documents, contained fentanyl. 

A TPD after-action report states the female officer called for help on the radio twice, then fellow officers found her overdosing after breathing the drug, her head rolling back and barely conscious. Four shots of Narcan were needed to offset that overdose. Every officer involved had to be decontaminated and sent to the hospital.

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