Perrysburg Plant To Produce Hybrid Jeep Parts

(Perrysburg, OH) A key piece of Jeep's first plug-in hybrid Wrangler will be made in northwest Ohio.  

Fiat Chrysler officials announced Thursday that the Power Electronics module will be produced at the Toledo Machining Plant in Perrysburg.  Workers will assemble, program and test the modules before they're shipped to the Toledo Jeep plant for installation into the Wrangler electric hybrid in 2020. 

In a statement, an FCA executive states UAW employees at the Perrysburg plant "made a strong business case" as to why the highly-technical work should be in-sourced by the automaker. 

What will be known as the Jeep Wrangler P-H-E-V will be one of more than 30 electric hybrid vehicles made by Fiat Chrysler in the next few years.

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