There May Be Another JeepFest in 2019

(Toledo, OH) There's already talk of holding another Toledo JeepFest next year. 

The first two JeepFests were held two years apart-- but there may be a game-changer in store, prompting the talk of a 2019 event: the highly-anticipated debut next year of a Toledo-built Jeep truck. 

Each JeepFest had a reason-- the first one to mark the iconic brand's 75th anniversary, this year's event to celebrate the remodeled Jeep Wrangler. So the debut of the new truck model would follow the same pattern. 

Jeep owners from 27 states, Canada, and Mexico came to the Glass City for this year's downtown event, which is expected to pump three to six million dollars into the local economy in one weekend. So organizers contend that means plenty of reason for a 2019 Toledo JeepFest.

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