Norwalk Teacher Pleads Guilty in Trust Fund Theft

(Norwalk, OH) A teacher pleads guilty to swiping the educational inheritance of two students. 

45-year old Stacie Bement pleaded guilty Monday to seven felony counts, including grand theft and forgery, in a case where she stole more than $100,000 in inheritance money from two siblings whose father died more than a decade ago. The money was supposed to be used to pay for college. 

Norwalk police found Bement bilked the money from two trusts funds the father created before his 2007 death. Bement accessed the accounts by forging her husband's signature-- the custodian of the trust funds, then transferred the life insurance money to her personal bank account, spending the money on a car, mortgage, and her living expenses. 

She even created fictitious financial statements to show the funds were still in the bank. Bement will be sentenced in mid-November.

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