Oak Harbor Mayor Resigns Amid Controversy

(Oak Harbor, OH) The mayor of Oak Harbor steps down-- over residency issues. 

32-year old Joe Helle already is running as a Democrat for an Ohio House seat, but that's not the issue that forced him to resign as mayor of a tiny Ottawa County village. 

It's where he's staying right now-- with his fiance in Port Clinton, while he says his home is being renovated. The former Oak Harbor mayor calls it a temporary move, but he hasn't been in his hometown house in months. 

The former mayor blames Republicans on city council for raising his residency as a political issue-- but instead of an ugly and expensive legal dispute, he resigned this week. 

The controversy may only add fuel to the House race-- the Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan is challenging GOP incumbent state rep Steve Arndt of Port Clinton in November.

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