RR Repairs in Perrysburg at a Crossroads

(Perrysburg, OH) Railroad repairs in Perrysburg hit a cross-roads, of sorts. 

There are some bumpy and dangerous rail crossings a Perrysburg city councilman wants CSX to fix, but the railroad company is instead is proposing to close five rail crossings and two pedestrian crossings. 

The trade-off for approval from city officials is to make the original repairs as proposed. But critics say the proposal would bring the community to a virtual standstill. So councilman Haraz Ghanbari  has enlisted the help of state regulators-- asking the Ohio Rail Development Commission and the PUCO to send rail inspectors to look at all the crossings in Perrysburg before anyone decides how to proceed. 

Ohio regulators could then hold CSX accountable for making all the necessary rail crossing repairs.

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