"World's Longest Yard Sale" Starts Today

(Bryan, OH) What's been dubbed "the world's longest yard sale" opens for business today in Northwest Ohio. 

What started informally several years ago now even has its own website. The 127 Yard Sale officially starts today along U.S. Highway 127-- stretching from Addison, Michigan near Devil's Lake, snaking through Fulton and Williams County and south along western Ohio-- 700 miles-- all the way to Alabama. 

The tent and yard sales always attract the locals, but now people from around the world make the trek for the deals at thousands of sites along the route. 

Enterprising home retail dealers got an early jump Wednesday by posting signs along route 127-- which passes through smaller communities like Fayette and West Unity, along with bigger burgs like Bryan. You can find more details online at 127.yard.sale.com.

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