Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend for Back-to-School

(Toledo, OH) You may want to make your back-to-school shopping list today-- in time for the sales tax holiday this weekend. 

Clothes and back-to-school items will be exempt from the Ohio and county sales tax over three days this weekend. Clothing up to $75  each and instruction materials up to $20 apiece won't run you any sales tax from Friday through Sunday. 

This is the fourth straight summer for the sales tax holiday, meant to help families find some relief from those expenses. 

A University of Cincinnati study shows consumers saved three-point-three million dollas the first year of the sales tax holiday in 2015. 

That same study also found border counties like Lucas County saw a 15 percent jump in sales tax collection during that three-day weekend, suggesting out-of-state families crossed the border to take part in the sales tax holiday. The holiday applies to both brick and mortar store and online sales.

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