180th Fighter Wing to Add Deployment Center

(Swanton Twp., OH) The 180th fighter wing is about to get another big investment. 

But this $3.5 million dollar building goes beyond the new hangars that will be built at the Ohio Air National Guard Base. The new building is a combination deployment processing and fitness center. 

The 180th currently has no central clearinghouse to handle overseas deployments, not does it have a single-stop fitness center. Both operations are spread all over the base. Deployments happen three to five times per year. The new center will start construction next spring, designed to make deployment paperwork more centralized and efficient. 

The new workout facility can be used by the 150 to 300 people at the 180th on any given weekday and up to 1,000 military members on-base during drill weekends. A combination of state and federal funding will pay for the project.

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