Latest on Toledo Police Shooting of 25-year-old Robbery Suspect

A 25-year-old man was shot and killed by a Toledo Police Officer in North Toledo Friday afternoon. 

Lamar Richardson was a a person of interest in multiple robberies, and was being followed by SWAT officers. When officers attempted to approach Richardson, he fled on foot. After a short chase, the Richardson pulled a 9mm and turned toward officers, and the officers opened fire.

After the shooting, a crowd had gathered around the crime scene that became emotional, drawing parallels to other officer-related shootings across the country. 

At a press conference held around 10pm, Toledo Police Chief George Kral shared dashcam video from inside the officer's SUV of the chase and shooting, in an attempt to squash rumors that were spreading online. "This was a tragedy tonight," Kral said in a statement. "We're hoping that when we show the video, the false information will be reduced."

Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, speaking at the press conference, spoke about meeting with other city and community leaders, including a relative of Richardson. "The response to an incident like this has to come from the community, and the community has to take those steps together," the mayor said.

WTOL's footage of the press conference and the dashcam video is posted below. WARNING: the dashcam video does include the shooting, viewer discretion is advised.

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