BCS Levy to Go Back on November Ballot

(Oak Harbor, OH) A Northwest Ohio school district will try again to replace Davis Besse tax revenue. 

Benton-Carroll-Salem school officials vow to do a better job in the next few months selling the need for an income tax proposals they'll put back on the November ballot. Voters approved a property tax during the May primary, but the income tax levy failed by just 50 votes. 

That tax proposal would generate just under two million dollars per year for operating expenses. The part that may need explanation is it's an earned income tax-- only charged to people on wages and self-employment earnings-- not Social Security, pensions, capital gains, and other similar earnings. 

Support from the senior vote may be crucial to replace income lost when the nuclear plant closes. State lawmakers are providing bridge payments until the income tax starts getting collected if it passes, but those payments end in 2021.

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