TPD Kitten Cop to Be Known as "Cuffs"

(Toledo, OH) The newest member of the Toledo police force now has a name. 

The feline adopted from the Toledo Humane Society last week is now known as "Cuffs" the kitten cop. In a Tweet, TPD says more than 1,000 people voted on a new name from four choices-- and Cuffs received more than half the vote. 

The other choices were "Blue," "Agent," and "Miranda," as in reading a suspect his Miranda rights.

"Cuffs" may be an appropriate name, because the kitten cop looks like that's what he's about to do to "Luke," a K-9 cop who got close in a Twitter photo announcing the new name. 

"Cuffs" will live with a TPD records clerk and make occasional visits to events and police substations.  

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