Bond Hearings Held for ICE Raid Detainees

(Detroit, MI) Some of the female undocumented immigrants detained from an ICE raid last month will be reunited with their families today. 

A federal immigration judge set bonds  ranging from $1,500 to $7,500 in a Detroit courtroom Thursday, allowing some of the detainees to post bond and get back to their U.S.-citizen children. 

Church leaders, family, friends, and Latino advocacy groups have contributed to bond funds allowing the reunions to occur this weekend. 

Some will be picked up from a Michigan detention center later today to spend the weekend with families. More than 100 people still remain in federal custody following the raids at Corso’s Lawn and Garden Center locations in Sandusky and Castalia in June. 

Bond hearings continue today for female detainees, while the men taken in the raid will have their hearings later this month.

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