Lucas Co. Voter Rolls Paint Interesting Picture

(Toledo, OH) Some surprising facts about Lucas County voters are emerging from the May primary. 

There is a long-held belief that Lucas County is dominated by Democrats, but that may only be in a political sense. 

But take a look at the voter registrations and there's a much different picture that emerges. There are only 10,000 more declared Democrats than Republicans county-wide: 65,000 to 55,000. With two new party chairmen, things could get interesting. 

Combined, the two traditional political parties only make up roughly 40 percent of the voter base. 

The majority-- 60 percent-- of Lucas County's 300,000 registered voters never declared a party in the May primary. That's a big, important independent voting bloc of roughly 180,000 people--that is, if they show up to the polls. Voter turnout for the May primary was just over 14 percent.

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