Self-Driving Buses Part of TARTA's Future?

(Toledo, OH) Could self-driving buses be part of Toledo's transit system of the future? 

The University of Toledo college of engineering and AAA-Northwest Ohio are hosting the third in a series of seminars on autonomous vehicles later today-- this one focused on public transportation and self-driving buses and vans. 

The directors of TARTA and UT's Transportation Systems Research Lab will be part of a panel discussion and presentations on how such smart vehicles will affect the future of public bus transit. 

A maker of fully autonomous, fully electric 15-passenger shuttles and six-passenger taxi cabs, will have an autonomous, driverless bus with no steering wheel parked on campus for people to check out. The seminar runs from 9 to 11 a.m. today in U-T’s Nitschke Auditorium.

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