Toledo "Lead Safe" Law halted by Lucas County Judge

A Lucas County judge has issued an injunction against Toledo's "Lead Safe" law, indefinitely blocking its enforcement.

Judge Linda Jennings issued the injunction on Friday, which stops inspections ahead of the June 30th compliance date. Judge Jennings says that a permanent decision in the case would be made soon.

A local landlord sued the City of Toledo over the ordinance, saying that the law was unconstitutional and that the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department does not have the authority to enforce the law. 

The law, passed in 2016 and amended in 2017, required that rental properties with one to four units and home day cares be tested for lead hazards. Landlords with properties out of compliance would face fines after the June 30th compliance date.

Compliance has not been forthcoming, however, as property owners say that the testing and removal of lead hazards is expensive. They are also upset that larger rental properties are exempt from the law. Renters have reported that their landlords had been prepared to issue them eviction notices rather than comply with the law.

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