Immigration Relief, Rally Planned in Toledo Area

(Toledo, OH) Relief efforts continue to help northern Ohio families separated after an immigration raid. 

Relatives and friends are trying to care for more than 200 children whose parents are being held after an immigration raid at an Erie County landscaping company last week. More than 100 adults were arrested by ICE agents in that raid. 

A group of attorneys from Toledo's Advocates for Basic Legal Equality traveled to Michigan Thursday, hoping to speak to three dozen women being held, they say, without proper representation at a federal detention center in Michigan. Dozens of men were shipped to a private prison near Youngstown to await deportation proceedings. 

A week-long Feeding the Children Left Behind colleciton is being held at Pathstone locations in Bowling Green, Toledo, and Liberty Center. Details can be found on Facebook.

There's a lunchtime protest in downtown Toledo regarding a recent immigration raid and its aftermath. The rally will focus on the group’s claims that ICE violated the human rights of U.S. citizens, asylum seekers, and undocumented workers when breaking families apart as a result of that raid. 

The rally runs noon to 2 p.m. in the 400 block of Madison near Levis Square. Similar rallies were held Thursday in four other Ohio cities.

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