Toledo's Lead Safe Program Could See Revisions

(Toledo, OH) As a deadline approaches for Toledo's lead-safe ordinance, there could be attempts to change the program. 

Republican Toledo city councilman Rob Ludeman  wants to dust off an old ordinance and reintroduce it to his colleagues. The South Toledo councilman is a realtor and believes the current rules are too cumbersome for landlords to comply before a June 30th deadline. 

Less than ten percent of the 12,500 rental properties affected by the deadline are done. Old West End renters are seeking a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit questioning the law's validity, fearing they could lose their homes. 

Ludeman's version of the program only would require a visual inspection of lead hazardous like peeling or chipping paint. Any property that fails that first look would undergo more extensive testing, such as a dust wipe test to be certified by public health inspectors instead of that being the initial test.

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