Immigration Raid Relief Effort Underway in Toledo

(Toledo, OH) Legal aid and Latino social services agencies are rushing to help kids caught in a lurch by an immigration raid this week. 

In Toledo, Adelante and Advocates for Basic Legal Equality are leading an effort to help the families broken apart by an armed raid by ICE agents at an Erie County landscaping company Tuesday. Nonprofit groups are staging a community-wide collection of diapers, wipes, clothing and other kids items at Walbridge Park in Toledo Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon. 

Many of those children were with caregivers during the raid and don't have access to their belongings while their parents are locked up. El Centro is leading similar collection efforts in Lorain.

Meantime, ABLE is making an effort to meet with every family who has an undocumented immigrant housed at a federal detention center to ensure they have legal representation during deportation proceedings. 

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