Army Corps Assessing Flood-Control Canals

(Jerusalem Twp., OH) The Army Corp of Engineers is assessing flood risk along canals in Jerusalem Township. 

Engineers walked route two earlier this month to look over about six miles of the dike system, much of which runs along route 2. Jerusalem Township Trustees have concerns about potential flooding along the busy, straight stretch of highway which passes along a number of popular wildlife areas like Metzger Marsh and the Ottawa Wildlife Refuge. Trustees are especially concerned about Cooley Canal and Ward Canal near Bono Road. 

The Army Corps of Engineers is conducting a risk assessment of the lecy system, which connects to system of federal dikes near Lake Erie. Township trustees say some of the dikes are getting work out and no repairs have been made in nearly five decades. 

The assessment also is needed because it's unknown how flooding may affect the area around the new Howard Farms Metropark. 

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