Safety Building Tours to Be Held Saturday

(Toledo, OH) You have a chance to learn a little history behind the Toledo police department this weekend. 

The Toledo History Museum is offering a behind-the-scenes tour of the downtown Toledo Safety Building tomorrow morning. Included in the tour is a barn where police horses once roamed, a sub-basement tunnel where a "bullpen" for prisoners was located outside a courtroom, and an underground, indoor shooting range once stood. 

The second floor features a look at the police department's memorial hall dedicated to TPD officers killed in the line of duty-- and even a look inside the police chief's office. The tour then heads to the attic where the TPD ar chives includes over 250 original police blotters. 

The tour concludes with a tour of the Civic Center Mall and its police and war memorials. Those tours run 10 a.m. to noon Saturday. 

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