Most School Levies Pass in NW Ohio

(Toledo, OH) Northwest Ohio school levies fared well, for the most part.\

A request for new money passed Tuesday in the Maumee schools. That proved to be a big relief to district officials, who watched the last levy in 2014 win by just 200 votes. 

The Benton-Carroll-Salem schools celebrated the passage of a property tax increase while watching an income tax levy fail. That money is needed to replace expected revenue losses when the Davis Besse nuclear power plant eventually closes.

A levy replacement squeaked by in the Eastwood school district by just 35 votes. 

Liberty-Benton voters approved a pair of property tax issues by a two-to-one-margin.

But the biggest defeat of the May primary occurred in Bowling Green City Schools, where a $72 million bond issue failed by 60 to 40 percent. The school reconstruction proposal lost by 1,300 votes, a much bigger margin than last November.

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